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We've Got Our Priorities Straight

Plastic Pollution

Only 9% of plastic gets recycled.

It lurks in surprising places like cans, cosmetics, even your clothes! We support brands that use recyclable, compostable materials, ethical practices, and sustainable sourcing. Ditch single-use plastics and aim for package-free whenever possible. Some items are tricky, but we ensure at least 50% recycled plastic, free from nasties like BPA, PVC, and PFA.

Going plastic-free is a journey, so remember: even the smallest change today is a big change for tomorrow.

Conservation of Natural Resources

The conservation of natural resources is essential for an environmentally sustainable tomorrow. Why should we conserve natural resources? It's vital for Future Generations, Biodiversity, Clean Water, Fresh Air, Saving Money, Ditching Plastic! We are proud to announce that Earthing Supply Shop has partnered with EcoCart to automatically offset your carbon emissions. The portfolio we contribute to helps generate clean energy and other technologies that combat climate change. You have the option at checkout to contribute to One Tree Planted to plant trees in a continued effort to conserve our natural resources.


If we don't start protecting our wildlife most affected by careless consumerism that harms the environment, more and more species will approach extinction due to human activity. Earthling Supply Shop believes that animals have the right to live just as humans do. All products at Earthling Supply Shop are carefully vetted to ensure they are animal-friendly.


Greenwashing is a deceptive way for profit-driven companies to enter the growing green market. Most people don't have the time to research eco-friendly products, but the earthlings at Earthling Supply Shop research green brands that are ethically sourced and sustainably manufactured so you don't have to.

Racial Equity and LGBTQ+ Rights

We believe that the earth is for everyone; which is why we prioritize products from diverse, women-owned, LGBTQ+, and minority-owned businesses, empowering their voices in the eco-friendly movement.

Our shop is a safe, welcoming space for everyone.

Small Businesses Not Found on That "Other" Online Marketplace

You'll find products made by women-owned, LGBTQ+, and minority-owned businesses that don't sell on the big A-word platform.